Shaqued Morag Archives - What Happened to the Israeli Peace Camp?

Shaqued Morag

Executive Director of Peace Now

Shaqued Morag is Executive Director of Peace Now, a position she has held since July 2018. A seasoned political and social activist, she came to Peace Now after having served in senior positions in the Meretz party, including as the party’s acting secretary-general, and as a longtime parliamentary adviser to MK Michal Rozin. Previously, she served as the community coordinator in Jerusalem for Mahapach-Taghir, a grassroots Israeli Jewish-Palestinian organization for social change, where she is now a member of the Executive Committee.

Having grown up in the town of Ramot HaShavim in central Israel, Shaqued moved ten years ago to Jerusalem. Shaqued holds a B.A. in philosophy and cognitive sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is currently completing her master’s thesis in public policy at the same university.

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