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What Happened to the Israeli
Peace Camp?

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The Crisis of the Zionist Left

Oz Aruch

The Rise of the Israeli Peace Camp

Naomi Chazan

The Labor Party and the Peace Camp

Uzi Baram

Lefties & Peaceniks: A Detrimental Symbiosis?

Ravit Hecht


Oren Nahari

The Lost Decade of the Israeli Peace Camp

Ksenia Svetlova

Just Wars?

Ami Ayalon

In the Military We Trust

Ori Goldberg

Knocked Out

Liat Schlesinger

A Swing to the Right?

Zipi Israeli

Skeptic Doves

Avishay Ben Sasson Gordis

In Search of the Center

Dahlia Scheindlin

Give Separation a Chance

Shaul Arieli

Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors?

Meron Rapoport

(Im)possible Alliance

Marzuq Al-Halabi

Could there be an Israeli Martin Luther King?

Eva Illouz

A Progressive Pivot

Hillel Ben Sasson

Democracy Now

Shaqued Morag

Women Waging Peace

Anat Saragusti

Shifting the Paradigm

Israel Piekrash

A Big Tent or a Divided Community?

Alissa Symon and Yael Patir